Shiny New Passport




Look! It’s my shiny new passport!   While I have always loved travel, I have never been able to do much of it. As an adult I have been blessed to be able to place an increasing importance and budget towards my passion. Every so often I start feeling antsy and confined, my home begins shrinking, and the comfortable life I’ve built tightens around me not so subtly like a vice. When this happens I must travel! I must GO and SEE and EXPLORE something NEW! I must drink in whatever new experience awaits me and quench the wanderlust which drives me.  It’s a beautiful feeling flying or driving towards that new adventure.

Finally, my budget and my time are colliding perfectly to allow for my very first international trip. I’m so excited about it; I decided to start a blog. Ha! If anyone reads this, I will share my adventures, big and small with you.

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