A Brave New Scotland

Scotland Flag

     Scotland is voting for freedom from English rule in just under 2 weeks. Yes I know technically Scotland is voting for independence from ‘Great Britain’ but truly the Scottish people tried for centuries to gain their separation from the British. Now, for the first time in history Scotland has a chance at permanent independence from the English, from Britain, without bloodshed and without violence. All it will take is a simple vote. THAT is amazing. I imagine this will be the only chance they ever get. Literally, the ONLY chance.

Surprisingly the vote is reported by the pollsters to be close. Very, very close. I admit to not understanding this given Scotland’s history and that I’ve always had a hard time comprehending how such a small island can rule over so much of the world in some capacity. Perhaps my American sensibilities are showing but I don’t get why a country with an established infrastructure and possessing so many of its own resources would wish to stay under the control of another country.

Ever since the vote was announced three years ago, I have wanted to be there to see this historical moment unfold. Thankfully, I will be! I’m so excited to be going and only a bit nervous about getting everything done in time. Here’s to hoping for an independent Scotland!

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