HONY Inspired


HONY = Humans of New York

One day, Brandon Stanton decided to show the real city of NY through its people. I’ve been following the site for a long time, long before I found the Facebook page.  Now, I’m a regular commenter since I have it come up in my news feed daily.  This sort of ‘getting the pulse of the people’ meets street photography has intrigued me long before Stanton created HONY. He definitely put a face the idea for me though. There it was, different than what I had imagined but, very real and tangible. Good job Mr. Stanton, I was inspired.

What I want to do in Scotland is similar though with a twist. I hope to do a bit more storytelling with my photography, a long-time hobby. I hope I can talk my introvert self into delving into the personal politics of the Scots I meet. I hope to ask more specific questions, and explore the full picture of the independence issue. I hope to ask them what their stance is on the vote and why. It’s easy for me to sit here in another country, on the outside looking in, declaring what I would vote and how I can’t imagine the people of Scotland doing any differently. Fact is though, I don’t live there. I don’t understand why anyone would vote ‘no’ and I don’t know all the reasons behind ‘yes’ votes. I do hope to find out.

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