Women Traveling Solo


Travel is very freeing and when traveling solo, you’re able to wander about the sights and destination at your own pace. You are free to meander an art museum at your leisure, stop to take 500 pictures of a beautiful castle (Edinburgh Castle here I come!), or save time by grabbing fruit at the market for lunch instead of spending an hour and a half at a cafe. In my experience small shopkeepers are nice sources for finding out where the best places are that aren’t touristy. Traveling in the U. S., one can check for reports of bed bugs in an establishment, find a lower priced room, and great local pizza in a matter of minutes. Since I can’t decide, without seeing them in person, how much time I would rather spend in Edinburgh and how much in Glasgow, I will be testing if it’s also this easy in the U.K.

“You are going alone?!?” is frankly something I’m sick of hearing. Yes, I’m going alone. I’ve made a number of trips myself. Plenty of women around the globe travel alone. Some go solo because they do not have anyone to accompany them and others simply prefer to get away from everything and everyone occasionally. Myself, I would probably prefer to take these big trips with company and smaller trips solo but my husband is not a traveler at heart. He will go with me from time to time but it takes a considerable amount of convincing. Being more aware of our surroundings and taking extra precautions than our male counterparts is just part of living life as a woman. I encourage all women to live that life a little more instead of just daydreaming about it. All women should get out and explore solo a little.


tiny tiger solo

My tiny tiger checking out the new stuff.

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