Evil Minion of Darkness


You know who I’m talking about. The mildly patronizing, self inflated, individual who parades across your television telling tales of his gallivanting across Europe and heavily biased history with a small black pouch slung over his shoulder. “Trust me, you gullible sycophants, you will get so much more access than the gazillion people around you if you only carry all of your possessions in a small, black bag all over Europe and buy my books.” THAT one. Well, now I’m convinced he may be an evil minion of darkness.

The above photo is one of my pretty, pretty small(ish) black bag I fully intended to gallivant across the UK and Europe carrying. (Removing the cute Nemo ‘Mine’ decoration of course) It’s too small you say? What you don’t know is it’s a ThinkTank.

IMG_0067.JPG ThinkTank bags are awesome. Seriously. Mine is a Shape Shifter that expands. I have taken it to conferences, day long photo walks, Disney World, hiking, you name it. It has more zippered pockets and pouches than a Coach store.


I seriously tried. I *should* have pre-packed and tested the system I had planned in my head weeks ago but I didn’t. I’m a procrastinator by nature, I truly have been very busy lately (YAY! Vacation time is here!), and when I am leaving home for an extended time I turn into a complete spaz basket. It’s embarrassing to watch. Still, I spent all of yesterday evening and most of the wee hours today provided trying to get my stuff to fit in that magical small black pouch so I could sling it over my shoulder and smile as the security guard let me pass to the less traveled areas of the museum. Grrr… See aforementioned evil minion description and glare pointedly.

Instead, I have this little number which has traveled with me extensively. It holds up well and fits in all of the overhead bins – even in the regional jets.


Not too shabby, best laid plans and all that. Plus it’s purple, that’s always a good thing. I’m sure I will find a way to not haul it everywhere.

BUT — the MOST important thing you should know from this long winded, sleep deprived, rambling post is….


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  1. This post made me giggle because I’m imagining you casually exploring a beautiful castle with your purple tote! Have fun in Scotland! Can’t wait for the amazing pictures!


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