Depends on the Weather

Anne Ripley


Meet Anne Ripley from Perth, Scotland. I heard her talking about the vote with another passenger as we boarded the flight into Edinburgh. I held my breath and bit my lip. Here was my chance to satisfy my curiosity and fulfill the rather extreme self indulgence I came for. Perhaps there is something inviting in that Scottish Lilt or maybe it was her kind face but I braved through my introverted self (probably akin to sky diving for the first time for non-thrill seeking extroverts) and asked if I could ask which way she hoped it would go. Anne’s answer was “I honestly don’t know”. I’m sure the look on my face conveyed the question the another passenger voiced, questioning that the vote is coming up in just a few days.

Anne said “I’ve had 18 months but I think yes one day and no another.” Anne went on to share that she believes the weather will play a big part in the vote, That if the weather is good, the vote will be Yes but if the weather is bad, the vote will be No. In a surprise twist, a fellow Scotswoman ahead of us turned around and argued Anne’s frank statement. The offended scotswoman declared ‘You can’t possibly believe that! It’s not about the weather, it’s about what’s up here!’ Pointing to her head. Unfortunately I was not able to catch up with her but Anne graciously accepted my request to be on my blog. Thank you Anne!

Anne’s husband has voted by post, she didn’t offer what his vote was. Anne, I wish you fair weather and the best in deciding.

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