A Wealth of Information




I met Anthony on the bus from Glasgow back to Edinburgh. I later realized that I forgot to explain my bedraggled state and he was enough of a gentleman to talk to me at length yet never mention it.

Hopefully I did not make all Americans look bad but I interrupted him to ask about a building I saw on the way. I do know better but my curiosity got the best of me. There is what appears to be an indoor soccer complex for kids on the outskirts of Glasgow called something like Soccer for Kids. My understanding was that the term ‘soccer’ was only used in the U.S. and that the rest of the world called it football. Anthony kindly informed me that both terms are used though ‘soccer’ less so. He was a wealth of information on a lot of things from history to area politics to local Catholic resources which I very much appreciate.

That red spot on his jacket you see is a ‘No’ campaign button. He has personally done some campaigning for the no vote and has ties to the Labour Party. Anthony believes there is an underbelly of no voters that just don’t want to say it in public. I can very well see that happening after only spending a day here. I asked why he hopes for a ‘No’ vote and he said:

“I worked several years in London and I feel more British than Scottish.”

Anthony also said he thinks that’s what it comes down to for everyone, whether they feel more British or more Scottish. Indeed, while Scotland did fight for independence from England for centuries, the two countries have been enmeshed for a few centuries now as well.

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