No Photos for the ‘No’ Votes

No votes

No votes


Emotions were clearly running high today. I spoke with five people, four women and one man, who are either leaning towards or voting ‘No’ but none of them were willing to give their name or have their photo taken.

Two are undecided, both talked as if they were leaning heavily towards ‘No’.
Three are immigrants who aren’t really sure that it’s their place to decide.
One works for an English company but doesn’t think that company would appreciate a public comment.
One is voting opposite of all of their friends.
One lives on the other side of the rally that I walked into and was nervous just talking to me.

It is sad that these citizens felt as if they could not speak out. Wanting to be heard by those in power, or the majority is a huge motivation for many voting ‘Yes’. I did see three individuals wearing some form of ‘No’ vote paraphanalia. Presumably, if they are wearing it on their person, they would not mind making a public comment. All three were engaged in loud shouting matches with ‘Yes’ voters though so I stayed back. It is concerning that the country seems quite divided on the issue. I truly hope that no matter what the outcome is for tomorrow’s vote that all Scots are able to come together again and move forward.

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