Allen Lewis


I just realized I did not verify how to spell Mr. Lewis’s first name… Oops. Please forgive me sir if I got it wrong. Please also forgive the dark photo. When I get home, I will do my best to correct it.

Allen Lewis is a ‘Yes’ vote:

“As I see it, it’s like being the CEO of a big successful company. You know how to do the business so why not go out and make the money on your own? You never know what will happen unless you try.”

He then went on to talk about how he didn’t understand why people let fear hold them back.

I also must comment on this man as a person. He was my taxi driver as is probably apparent in the picture. I asked him what the fare would be to Holyrood Rd. before I got in, he said probably six pounds. After failing at navigating the bus system and being rather lost, six pounds sounded just fine. During the ride, I double checked and informed him that it was Holyrood PARK Rd. instead. He apologized but said that was a bit further and that it may be as much as eight pounds. When we arrived, my fare was 5.85 pounds. I was shocked! It’s quite obvious that I’m a tourist and a foreigner. He could have easily driven me around until the fare reached ten pounds and I wouldn’t have known the difference. Thank you Mr. Lewis, I am very impressed. The Orlando, Florida area could use about a million of you.

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