The ‘Yes’ Campaign In Real Life


Rona MacDonald

Rona MacDonald


Before I begin quoting more people, I would like to first make an assertion and an apology. The Scots dialects, as it appears Glasgow and Edinburgh so far have different ones, are a bit difficult for me. Please know that I have done my best at understanding you and getting your quote correct. If I make any mistakes, they are entirely unintentional. If you would like them corrected, please email me at Thank you.

As I was walking through Glasgow I saw this campaign table and couldn’t resist.

'Yes' campaign table


I apologized to Rona MacDonald for my appearance and explained that I had been traveling for over 24 hours. She is a lovely person who believes that Scotland could support itself economically. When I asked her what her biggest roadblock in getting people to vote ‘Yes’ was she said

“I think people are afraid of the unknown.”

That certainly rings true for much of life. Her patriotism showed on her face when she also said

“It’s not even about economics or politics. It’s about pride in country and pride in yourself.”

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