Vote by Post

Aodhan McFadden


This gentleman works the front desk at the Masson House in the University of Edinburgh where I am staying. His name, I had to write down how he spelled it, is Aodhan McFadden. After explaining how my journey to a hotel room took 8 hours, he said that while there may be a conference taking up all of the rooms in Glasgow, it’s the vote that is selling out all of the rooms. (Yay, I’m not the only one.) I asked him if he planned to vote and he replied:

“I voted by post. I got it in and sent it back out within the hour.”

Aodhan, as his name might suggest, is actually Irish and from Northern Ireland but he got to vote because he is also a volunteer police officer in Edinburgh. Apparently this is a stepping stone to becoming a full-time officer. I find that bit very interesting as I cannot imagine a volunteer police force in America. He is also a “No” vote and is understandably concerned about the trouble that might be stirred up as a result of the vote no matter which way it goes.

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