Brilliant Marketing

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The redhead, or I suppose here she is a ginger… is it ok to call people gingers?  For what it’s worth I love gingers so it’s all meant as a positive thing.

Anyhow, her name is Rachel and she’s a part of the ‘Yes’ campaign’s brilliant marketing strategy.  Not only did they blanket the city with Yes posters, stickers, and buttons but they had beautiful people like Rachel standing outside of polling places and around town with Scottish flags and ‘Yes’ stickers galore taking photos with whomever wished to commemorate the day.  Yes, I took one.  You can see the black bags under my eyes very clearly.

Rachel had a very wise insight into how she thinks the vote will turn out:

“I think it will go ‘Yes’ but even if it doesn’t, I don’t see this as a failure.  We’ve accomplished so much and I believe things will change because we got so big and cannot be ignored.  We also had so much international support.”

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