Broken Medicine

John Loughrey


Meet John Loughrey.  He alluded to being infamous so perhaps you’ve heard of him.  Mr. Loughrey stood like this for at least a good long while today, possibly all day for what I know.  He says he has Scottish ancestry, an Irish mother, and he’s from London.  His sign says:

“I am the United Kingdom.  British, Irish, and Scottish.  My mother gave me the wrong medicine when I was a baby.  Red, White, and Blue and that’s why I’m here today.  AND IT WORKS.

This is a worrying moment in the United Kingdom’s history.  Scotland keep the United Kingdom in your hands that’s the way it should be.

I salute all of the Scottish people.

I thank you all.”

For my fellow Americans, the ‘wrong medicine’ comment refers to the brutal start the United Kingdom had, as I was informed by John Loughrey.


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