Hard to Pick Just One



This entire family decided to get in on the action.  Left to right I believe you have Grandpa David, Mom Andrea, Grandma, Baby Lochlan (found another cute baby), Dad, and Big Sister down in front.

I first ran into Andrea and Lochlan.  We ended up walking briskly beside each other in our attempt to stay up with the crowd.  Andrea was later able to get the whole family together for a photo.  I really appreciate this as it meant they all had to fall back and stop which meant falling behind our spot in the group.

When I asked Andrea why she wanted independence, her answer was great:

“It’s hard to pick just one reason.”

Her dad, David says:

“I’m fed up with England dumping their nuclear waste in Scotland.”

I heard quite a bit about the nuclear waste and nuclear missile being in Scotland.  No one is happy about that and I doubt it ever changes without independence.  I must apologize to Grandma.  She also gave me a response as we were briskly walking and even repeated it for that matter but I was never able to catch what she said.  Sorry about that.

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