Last night I had the unfortunate luck of meeting a tiny group of radicals.  They even had a sign describing themselves as radicals.   They also carried a rather nasty poster making rude references to the Queen which I didn’t see until after we began talking.  I wasn’t surprised at this point though because what the person I spoke with was spewing was not passionate patriotism, but anger and hatred.  She threw in quite a bit of anti-semitism as well.  I was very taken aback and very surprised.  Perhaps it’s because I live in an area without many Jewish people but I’ve never actually heard anti-semitism spoken.  It is certainly the only time I’ve heard it or any of the other things this woman said spoken in Scotland.  For that matter, many of the people I’ve talked to have railed against Westminster but not a single one has said a bad thing about the Queen.  From what I can tell, Queen Elizabeth is generally well liked and respected.

I’m only even posting this story because in my experience, these are types of people who make the news.  I want anyone who reads this to know that this is the only time I’ve run into this sentiment here in Scotland.  This is a tiny set of people who do not represent how any significant segment of the Scottish people feel.

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