School Funding

Shonagh Munro


Shonagh Munro was campaigning outside of the George IV Bridge St. polling place today for the ‘No’ vote.  I asked her how she thinks the vote will turn out and she said:

“I honestly don’t know.  I’m afraid to say and jinx it.”

Simply by being public about her position, she was showing more determination than six other ‘No’ votes I spoke with today who declined to be publicly identified.  I’m not saying they didn’t have their reasons or that their reasons are not valid, just that I respect her ability to take a stand.

Ms. Munro’s reason for voting ‘No’ is very much tied to her schooling.  She is attending the University of Edinburgh, pursuing a Languages degree.  In order for that to happen, she must attend an international program during her third year that will be funded by the United Kingdom.  Without Scotland being a part of the UK, she fears the funding will not exist and her dream will not be possible.

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