Shouting for Power

Annie & Marie


Annie & Marie were having a great time at the rally.  They were the first to thank me for coming from America to support their vote.  I am honored to be here, to support Scotland, and to witness history in the making.

When I asked why they want the vote to be ‘Yes’, Marie said:

“When the Power is so far away, you have to shout a lot louder.”

Annie answer was:

“The power between Scotland and England is completely unbalanced.  We are a much more socialist country.”

Both talked about how London’s votes always count out Scotland’s votes no matter what the issue.  They are a people from a smaller, less populated area, whose vote never seems to count for anything.  That is something I can definitely understand.

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  1. It was amazing to meet you and again, thank you for lending your ears and hand in support. The majority of Scotland voted against Independence, which I am still coming round to this, but the whole of Scotland is taking an interest into who runs our wee country. We will continue to fight for a fairer system to all that live in Scotland, young and old alike, and against the bullies in Westminster with their sidekicks in the media. Hopefully when you return one day the people of Scotland will unite in the want to run our own country. First though we have a lot of work to do. Peace and luve xxx


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