Vote Fixing




This wonderful gentleman took time out of his evening to show me how to get back to my room tonight.  Thank you, Steven.  I met Steven as I was attempting to navigate the bus routes with the help of a bus driver.  The bus route maps are very much like reading charts.  I’m terrible at both.

I asked Steven which way he thought the vote would go and he said:

“I think it will go ‘No’.  I want it to go ‘Yes’ but I think it will go ‘No’ because of vote fixing.”

Steven, you have my attention.  Now, before the era of Edward Snowden, I likely would have completely discounted everything he had to say and told him so.  Since though…. Eh, I don’t know.  Anything is possible.  His argument was that Britain has too much riding on losing Scotland, mostly losing face and risking the UK breaking apart bit by bit.  Who knows?  They do have an awfully lot to lose.  Let’s hope not.

The news just reported though at 1:00am, that there are 10 counts of voter fraud allegations coming out of Glasgow.  I just warned my tablemates of Floridian hanging chads.  Beware!

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