Vote Result is ‘No’



(What you can barely make out there is that those rose petals spell out ‘Yes’.)  I saw that earlier today…. yesterday… at some point since I last slept.

The vote result was ‘No’ and by a rather large margin.  The majority of Scots wish for the United Kingdom to remain united.  I applaud them for making it their own choice this time.  None of this has been easy.  Emotions are running so high on both sides and now you have Alex Salmond to pull everyone back together?  Since I’m not an unbiased journalist, I can say this.  That man is a pompous windbag.  We have a few of him in the States.  Do yourselves a favor and have someone else be the unifier.

I digress…  I only sought sleep for a short while this morning before not being able to stand it and going back out.  Once again I ran into a gathering, once again it was the ‘Yes’ camp.  There are a few stories to tell but they must wait until I’ve had a wee nap.

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