Referendum Hangover

Ester and Fernando

Oh how I am going to miss this food! Googling ‘gluten free’ Edinburgh, brought up this place as serving pancakes and crepes. Apparently Brazilian Fusion pancakes and crepes mean something entirely different than American pancakes and crepes. Well… Look at this food!


You can’t tell it from the picture but it’s long enough that you’re looking at the top part that is hanging out of a folded full size paper plate.

Yes, they call that giant bundle of deliciousness a pancake. Wow! Clearly Brazilians are superior to us. I think we should all adopt this practice.


Cooking the ‘pancake’ is Fernando. Fernando is a very talented chef who operates Tupiniquim’s (see above) in the green police box on the corner of Forrest & Taviot Place. As I walked up, he was saying:

“I feel like I have a hangover. A referendum hangover.”

Ditto! Apparently Fernando stayed up all night as well. Two days later now and I still feel the effects of staying up all night. I’m a tad too old to do that apparently.

Ester was ordering the giant, delicious ‘pancake’ you see in the first photo. She agrees that it’s the best food in London and at the best price. Our chicken pancakes only cost 5 pounds each.

Ester and I talked for a good bit while we ate. She said:

“People were too scared to lose their money. We’re a greedy country.”

Both agreed that people voted ‘No’ out of fear. I agreed that things would have been tight the first five or six years of independence and that most people weren’t willing to do that. Ester also echoed what I’ve heard several times that Scotland is a much more socialist country. She is particularly tired of fighting other people’s holy wars.

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  1. One of the pleasures of time difference I could wake up at a very acceptable 7am and follow all the results in the comfort of my bed, before beginning my day. No hangover for me!
    P.s Brazilian crêpes are amazing, although I prefer tapioca.


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