1 & Bobby



How much more fun is it to explore when you go treasure hunting? I love Geocaching and I decided to bring a bit of fun on my trip. This morning, before leaving Edinburgh, I placed two travel bugs in the ‘Innocent Railroad’ cache by the University of Edinburgh. How it works is other geocachers will find the cache and take the travel bugs while leaving something of their own behind. The picture above is what I took with me. You can take and leave any family-friendly, small, non-perishable item. Then they take the travel bugs to other caches in their own treasure hunting and travels and the Geocaching.com site logs where they have been so I can follow them. Each time someone logs one, I will update here. Hopefully, each treasure hunter will take a photo of themselves and/or where they are taking the bugs and I can share those on the blog. The two are a Geocoin with a picture of the American flag I named ‘Exploring Wanderer 1’ and a Cachekinz in the shape of a dog named ‘Bobby’ after the Greyfriar’s Bobby. If you want to join us treasure hunters, sign up at Geocaching.com. A basic membership is free and you’ll always have fun.

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