Bowing Out or Running Away?


I can’t decide what I think about Alex Salmond resigning the day after the ‘No’ vote. As the leader of the ‘Yes’ camp perhaps he is stepping down to accept defeat?? Or something? It really seems as if he feels like he personally lost and instead of sticking around to help the people and pick up the pieces he is turning tail and running.

Now, a gentleman who voted ‘No’ but did not wish to make that public told me that Salmond’s #2, Nicola Sturgeon, is a charming woman who is very likable and far more capable than he. This gentleman’s opinion was that if she had been in charge, things would have turned out very differently. I guess it’s possible Salmond knows this as well and is simply stepping aside. However, that side of him certainly hasn’t been demonstrated in public. Somehow I suspect that if he were a commanding officer a couple hundred years ago, his troops would have run him through.

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