Tower of London


     The Tower of London might have the most history of any place in all of England. There is an actual tower on the grounds of what once was, and could easily be again, a fortress. In that tower, many sad souls awaited beheading for actual crimes and political convenience. Helping you navigate the fortress and the history are the Beefeaters.

‘Beefeaters’ gleaned their name from long ago when the major perk of the job was getting to eat all the meat they wanted from the King’s table. You must take a tour with one of the Beefeaters, admission to the tower is 20.90 pounds online – you must print your ticket(s) – or 22.00 pounds at the gate, the tours are free and frequent. Each Beefeater is a decorated military person with at least 22 years under their belt who live at the Tower with their families. Their true purpose is as guards to the Queen but their daily lives are more taken with giving comedic tours, caring for the Ravens, and running the Tower in general. You do hear all the tales of woe from imprisoned royalty to murdered boys but it is told with just the right mix of reverence and levity so as to not bring the mood down.

Once your tour is finished, you can visit the Crown Jewels and watch the Tower Ravens play. In case you haven’t heard, the monarchy will crumble if the Ravens leave the Tower. If you want to know more about the Ravens who hold English Rule in their claws… you must take the tour.

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