Gluten Free in London


There are a handful of places to eat gluten free in London as you would expect in any city. Due to my aforementioned fiasco, I wasn’t able to eat until very late.  Since I was staying in Islington, I decided to eat near the flat at the N1 shopping center.  I was looking for a smaller, local place nearby but never found it.  Instead, I opted for a chain with Japanese fusion food called Wagamama.  Never having heard of it, I was skeptical of their abilities to cook something safe when they began talking about cereal.  Apparently it is common in the UK to call gluten ‘cereal’.  So you may run across an allergen chart showing things that are ‘cereal’ free.  This made me a bit nervous but the server promised that included barley, rye, and all the hidden sources; not just wheat. Then the manager came out as well as I was comparing the menu and allergen chart to offer assurances and take my order.  I will try local places first if given the opportunity but as anyone who must eat gluten free knows, that is not always an option.  I am very thankful for the chains out there who go the extra mile in offering safe food.  Thank you Wagamama, my dinner was delicious!

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