Looks Can Be Deceiving

map of london

Booking.com led me to a London flat to rent from Short Lets in London. It had a WASHER! A real washer to wash my clothes that was *not* me. This was amazing considering I was washing my clothes by hand. Googling the area brought up good reviews and photos of a very cute neighborhood. Oh, how looks can be deceiving!

Apparently Islington was once a safe neighborhood. It isn’t anymore. Literally, as soon as dusk crept in so did the… let’s call them thugs. My best guess is that the neighborhood’s epicenter of trouble was next door to me. There was lots of loud music rolling down the street, lots of loud yelling to random people on the street by my neighbor, and lots of reciprocal loud yelling by random men and women every 15-20 minutes FOR HOURS. Somehow, I don’t think he was selling those yummy cookies the scouts are selling. To avoid a similar fate, check the London Metro police’s map before booking. If only I had found it sooner…


You will need to zoom all the way in to get a good idea of your proposed neighborhood. Mine was in an area with average crime. It was though, flanked by the highest crime areas covering a considerable distance. Any direction I wanted to go to public transportation, shopping, dinner, or seeing the sights required walking through the highest crime areas. I picked a lousy neighborhood in one of the largest cities in the world… GO ME! Click on the map above to avoid the same fate.

To top it off, the cute-on-the-outside flat was just as bad as the neighborhood inside:



IMG_9009crop IMG_9012crop

Just a few of the holes around the flat.  You may not think much of holes in the walls  until you are charged for fixing them.  I emailed Short Lets in London as soon as I arrived with some of the photos and a list of things wrong to avoid that.


Nastiness.  You can’t make it out in the photo but several of the tiles look as if they are about to fall off and at least one was broken.


Did I mention the mold?  If Short Lets in London doesn’t keep its units any cleaner or better inspected than that, they should be avoided entirely.

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