If By Sea


I just traversed the English Channel… or more precisely, under it.  I was a bit nervous about going that far under so very much water but I love trains and hate planes plus it was by far less expensive.  Sauerkraut and elevator music dominated the beginning of the trip.  Thankfully the first offender consumed their meal quickly, leaving only a temporary lingering odor.  The elevator music was coming from a woman behind me.  She just decided to start playing her music loudly enough for half the car to hear.  Who does that?  Yes, we are in a crowd of strangers essentially but please observe a little social etiquette.  We were all looking at each other as each off-key howl erupted, interrupting both sleep and conversations.  Everyone staring didn’t phase her at all so I kindly asked her to turn it down.  My seatmate thanked me.

Going under the English Channel may a bit scary but by the time I had worked myself into anxiety, it was over.  Once again I was surrounded by forest and picturesque English towns.  A couple of years ago I went to Chincoteague Island in Virginia where you must cross what is something like a 20 mile bridge.  Parts of that are also underwater tunnels.  That bridge took far longer than the English Channel.

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