Ahhh, Paris



Paris, my friends, is impressive. Paris is a beautiful city with beautiful people and tiny coffee. There is more art, culture, and history in every single block than in each area I’ve lived put together. The beauty of even just the architecture and how well kept the city is, would be enough to keep any art lover entranced the whole day. I can say with certainty that my next trip to Europe will begin with Paris.

I was blessed to be able to meet my friend, Claire. She and her husband lived in my area for ten years for work but moved back to their home country of France a few years ago. It has been said of Claire that she has more grace in her pinky than the rest of us in our whole beings. It’s true. She is one of the kindest individuals I’ve ever known and she was kind enough to take me around the city for the day. She was also very understanding when I stopped to snap a picture what seemed like every 10 feet. It is because of our friends and loved ones that us shutterbugs get anywhere, ever. The above photo is Claire with her tiny French coffee at the cafe where we had lunch in the Louvre.

One notable difference (there are so many) between America and both the UK and Europe, in my experience, is that even if a place does not offer gluten free items normally; everyone knows what you are talking about. It was very refreshing. The cafe in the Louvre does not have a selection of gluten free items specifically but they were familiar with it and were able to offer me a salad with oil and balsamic vinegar dressing. It was very good, as was the tiny coffee I had myself after seeing hers. Who knew coffee could be cute? Don’t let the size fool you, it’s wicked stout. It definitely kept me going the rest of the day.

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