I Can Neither Confirm Nor Deny


A question was posed  asking I had been feeding any pigeons while on my trip.  We don’t have pigeons in my area and I think they are pretty cute.  At no time was I pecked or surrounded by them.  Most locals see them as pests but I’ve seen much pushier birds congregate at the local zoo.  Normally I wouldn’t support feeding wildlife but it seems clear that these particular birds are solidly dependent upon humans for food and that’s not likely to change.  My answer to that question is “I can neither confirm nor deny such an action.”  Sadly, feeding pigeons is actually illegal in many parts of the UK and Europe; including Paris.

What you may not be able to see in this photo is that the dots in the tree on the left are smaller brown birds.  This man is holding bird food in his hand.  The smaller birds are actually flying to him and eating right out of his hand!  Below, you can see that there are two eating out of his hand in the photo.


Of course, there is also food falling to the ground that the pigeons are cleaning up for the good of their beautiful city.  See, they aren’t pests after all.  They are performing a public service.  🙂


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  1. Actually, its only illegal to feed pigeons in Trafalgar Square in London as far as the UK is concerned I think. Certain councils may put out messages asking people not to feed them in certain areas, but it is not against the law. I feed pigeons whenever I see them! And yes ,they are not pests, its humans who are pests!


    • Actually, a quick Google search will show that is is illegal in more places in the UK than Trafalgar Square. What should be illegal in Trafalgar Square is that giant blue chicken…. I digress.

      Feeding pigeons is definitely illegal in Paris and many other parts of Europe too.


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