Golden Ticket!

I have the Golden Ticket!  I have the Golden Ticket!  See…


Isn’t it pretty?  I’m beaming in case you can’t tell.  My Golden Ticket is for Pope Francis’ General Wednesday Audience.  Do you have any idea how hard it was to get this?  Well, this particular one was easy but trying to get one in general proved nearly impossible.  I live in the Central Standard Time zone.  Rome is 7 hours ahead.  The only fax machine in my area with the capabilities to fax internationally is at a store which opens at 9am CST.  It seems that the Vatican only accepts faxes during business hours, they close at 4pm their time.  I did not realize this in time to get it to them any other way.  SO, when I arrived at the monastery where the beautiful sister gave me my Golden Ticket, I was thrilled!  So thrilled in fact, that I hugged her.  LOL!  Nuns are a bit too serious for hugs apparently, she didn’t know what to think.  It was pretty funny.

For those who don’t know; the Pope holds a General Audience every Wednesday he is in Rome.  It’s held at the Vatican in St. Peter’s Square.  It’s completely free to attend but you must have a ticket in case it’s packed and they must turn people away.  After riding the metro, I can’t imagine what ‘too packed’ would look like but theoretically you need this ticket.  Get your tickets for yourself or your group here.  You can also usually pick up single tickets in person if you aren’t arriving the night before like me. 🙂

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