All the Single Ladies!

Calling all the single ladies!  If you are single and would prefer to not be, get thyself to Rome.  There’s something about Italian men…


Now here’s the thing I don’t quite understand; Italian women are beautiful.  Italian women have a beauty that looks as if they are as beautiful naturally when they get out of bed in the morning as most American women after getting ready for two hours.  Not once did I see a frumpy Italian woman ‘just running to the market’.  I have a feeling that doesn’t happen there often – if ever.  It certainly happens in the States.

A little about myself:  I am nearing middle age (let’s face it I’m not going to live to be 100) and look every bit my age and then some, I’m quite round, and have never been a slave to fashion.  I was asked out 4 times in my 7 days in Italy and flirted with more times than I can count.  I was stunned.  It took me half the week to wrap my mind around it.  Another lovely Italian man smiled at me in a way that made me blush.  Blush!  I don’t blush.  In my real, non-traveling life, I work in an intimate setting in women’s health.  I’ve been married over a decade.  I have either done it, seen it, or heard it.  NOTHING shocks me but this man made me blush with just one look and a smile.  I certainly wasn’t seeking out such attention.  That said, I certainly appreciated it.

The best part about being asked out is they were each gracious and gentlemanly about it.  Italian men are… confident. Both Italian men and women carry themselves and speak with confidence at all times.  Not arrogance, but confidence.  It’s encoded in their DNA or trained from birth or something.  I began to pay attention to interactions between men and women everywhere I went.  Two construction sites were near where I was staying.  If you don’t know, in America there are certain stereotypical expectations a woman has when passing a construction site.  The video now going viral with the woman getting cat-calls in NYC would never happen in Rome, probably not in all of Italy.  Men will look but not overtly so.  I never heard a single cat-call or offensive remark, not even on the subway.  I was out all hours in various parts of the city and never saw or heard a man speak to or approach a woman in an offensive way.  It was so very refreshing, a breath of fresh air.  Rome is a city full of confident gentlemen.  Those who asked me out or flirted with me definitely gave me a confidence boost.  It was very nice to be complimented so often and with such sincerity.  The only coincidence each time is that I was at, heading to, or leaving a Catholic Church.  However, I am Catholic and was on a personal pilgrimage in Italy.  Most of my trip revolved around one Catholic Church or another.

So for my single friends, especially the Catholic ones, head to Rome!  I don’t believe a woman could leave Rome feeling negatively about herself.  All you need to do is enjoy the city.  Be sure to pack your morals though.  I have a feeling, you’ll need them…

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