Poor, Neglected Blog

Oh my poor neglected blog, I still love you.  In fact, I think of you every day…. just not long enough to sit down and write a post.  Ha!  Have you ever heard of Nanowrimo?  If not, check it out here:  www.nanowrimo.orgNano is a caffeine induced word fest craze that has otherwise normal humans, committed to cranking out 50,000 words in a month.  50,00 words means my lovely blog should be hopping, right?  No, they are intended to be in *novel* form.  About halfway through I realized I could only give attention to either my blog or Nano and Nano won.  I knew no matter how neglected you were during November, you would still be here in December.  If I lost Nano however, I would not have been able to purchase this really freaking cool t-shirt with a clear conscience.  Hmm…  I would link to it but apparently they took it down.  It has a dragon on it, they must have sold out.  I’m still waiting for it to come in. 

Now, we are two weeks into December but I had a legitimate family crisis arrive where I had no time and zero internet.  Now that I am back and fully recovered, I promise to stop neglecting you.  Expect tales of Rome once again.

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