To Market, To Market

marketproduceJust down the road from the monastery where I was staying, was a wonderful, large market.  It was in a large warehouse type building with open roofs down the main aisles.  There were the usual things I expected at the market like produce and a little bit of quintessential Italy…

marketpasta marketwine

like pasta and wine with a smattering of surprises like…


this pet shop booth!  A pet store in a market?  Yes.  I also found a holisitic aromatherapy booth, a booth with cleaning supplies, a luggage booth, etc.  In Rome, shopkeepers specialize in one thing at a time.  “Do one thing and do it well” seems to be taken very seriously.  You will only find beautiful Italian leather purses with women’s leather shoes.  You will find one age range and gender’s clothing in one shop, to find toys or another age/size range of clothing, you must go to a different shop.  This open market is the closest you will come to finding more than one type of item in the same general location.  I got really excited when I saw this sign:


It says ‘Bread and Pizza Fresh Gluten Free’!!!  Happy Dance!!  I found a completely gluten free booth.

marketceliaco marketbearclaw marketravioli

That second photo is a case full of gluten free pastries!  Yummy pastries at that.  As every celiac knows, many gluten free treats could also double as cardboard or hockey pucks.  Not these!  This woman knows how to cook!  What the lovely lady is wrapping up for me is basically a ‘bear claw’ type pastry.  It was delicious!  The case in the third photo is frozen gluten free ravioli.  Oh how I needed a kitchen!  I must say, it is so very unfair that you can’t bring food back with you.  Mmmm… I am very much missing those gluten free pastries.

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  1. I love a good market- there’s one in Bath that’s very similar, there’s a little novelty teapot shop of all things in there! And great to find some gluten free goodies in Italy I’m sure with all that pizza and pasta!! Thanks for sharing, great to read 🙂


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