Circuses, Monkeys, & Good Intentions

I have neglected this blog far too long.  For those of you still checking it, according to WordPress there are a few, I am grateful.  You have been far more loyal than I have to you.  So what happened?

Life took a few major turns in January, March, and again in May that sort of knocked me off my feet.  During this time I was diligently tending to other people’s circuses, corralling many monkeys, trying to hold up the crumbling walls, and starting a new and SECOND business.  Idle hands are bad, right?  It’s good to be busy.  Things I loved got swept by the wayside as always happens when one’s world tilts sideways.

Last year for my birthday I bought myself this site and began this blog ahead of my whirlwind trip that began with the Scottish Vote.  My birthday is coming up again and I’m making a resolution of sorts.  I’m going to be nicer to myself and take more time for my favorite things, most notably, writing to whomever it is that is still listening.  Good to see you again.

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