9/11 Anniversary

When the United States of America came under attack on our own soil that day most Americans had never experienced anything like it.  Some reading this may hail from parts of the world where it’s not uncommon for war to come to your doorstep.  Perhaps you think that our reactions are overblown when so many see tragedy like this every day but for us it was jarring to our core.  Much of the generations that remembered Pearl Harbor being attacked had passed away by September 11, 2001.  Even then, a military base was attacked which is tragic but a little more expected than an attack on civilians by terrorists.   Foreign, largely unknown, terrorists at that.  Somehow the ‘unknown’ always feels a bit scarier.

Now, those who weren’t even born when the attacks happened, are teenagers.  A great fear of mine was that we would become a nation who regularly experienced attacks.   Thankfully that has not happened.  Today I would like to share a story of hope with you, a double rainbow in NYC with one end seeming to originate from the current World Trade Center tower.  It’s beautiful!

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