The Scottish Vote’s First Anniversary

IMG_3805sToday marks one year since The Scottish Vote for independence.  While far from a consensus, 55%-44%, the country as a whole decided to remain British.  It was a time of great excitement and great patriotism – on both sides – but especially from the Yes! voters.  Someday I will find out for certain on my return visit but I suspect there was more spirit of Scottish heritage shown in the days leading up to the vote than at any other time outside of a festival since the banning of clan colors hundreds of years ago.  I am greatly honored to have been a witness to it.  Yes, I could have traveled there and observed, which I did, but the people welcomed me in and let me take part.  Scots from both sides were very kind and generous, even allowing me as a complete stranger to put their face and their views out there to the world.

I miss those people.  I loved talking to them, spending time with them, witnessing the vote with them.  It was and will always be one of my greatest experiences.  Thank you, dear Scots, for your generosity and spirit.  I wish you well on this day as I know it is an anniversary filled with great emotion and I hope to see you again soon.


Your American friend.

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